“Intellectual capital will always trump financial capital”

Formed in 2006 as a real estate development and management company called Seaside Apartments, the company rebranded to Allstar Assets in 2015 in light of its expanding activities. Allstar Assets has evolved into an Investment and Asset Management Company with a focus on the East African region.

The two promoters began their careers in 1997 as an investment analyst and an interior architect and soon realized their synergies whilst collaborating on real estate development projects. The partnership created a niche within the real estate industry by delivering spaces that were creatively designed, functional and of high quality. Increasingly, the team found itself evaluating and investing in a diverse range of opportunities such as restructurings, rescues and situations requiring financial and process reengineering.

The Managing Partner has over 18 years of Investment Banking and Private Equity experience, completing over thirty transactions in fields as diverse as financial services, tourism and hospitality, FMCG, transport logistics, pharmaceuticals, agri-processing, telecommunications, manufacturing and real estate.  The Partner has a background in Finance and Interior Architecture with over 17 years of experience. Starting her career working for several respected interior design firms in North America, she went on to work for Trammel Crow Company, the real-estate development and management company where she managed various IBM properties.  Her strength comes from being able to produce timeless, functional and creative developments that meet with client requirements.

The Allstar Assets team is built on diversity and competence supported by an in-house training program. We value raw intellectual ability and people who share our vision for creating value through innovative thinking. We believe our learning oriented and flexible culture allows us to be, collectively, more than the sum of our parts. Our aim at Allstar Assets is to be the very best at what we do.